EXCISION // The Execution Tour 2013

The EXECUTION TOUR has been destroying North America with Excision's brand new Visual masterpiece - THE EXECUTIONER, a behemoth of a production piece and a true breakthrough in the world of video mapping technology. THE EXECUTIONER is a 28 foot wide, 15 foot tall video mapped masterpiece that displays a proud 420 square feet of world class true 3D video mapped animations that will daze and amaze all those caught in its path.

THE EXECUTIONER will be accompanied by an arsenal of over 40 arena class intelligent lights, and if that wasn't enough, PK SOUND will return on the 2013 tour to bring a full PA comprised of more than 100,000 watts of full on bone-crushing sound.

Artist : Excision
Tracks : Intro / Execute / Crowd Control / X-Rated / Put It Down / Sleepless
Storyboard : Devin Taylor
Director / Production / Editor / Animation / Compositing : Jean-Paul Frenay
Lead 3D Artist / Animation / Compositing : Sandro Paoli
3D Artist / Animation : Sebastien Desmet